2015 China Beijing Int’l Building Materials Expo
Date: March 13-16 .2015 Venue:China New International Exhibition Center.Beijing
 As the leading trade event for the building industry, Build+Decor has always been an ideal platform for the exhibitors to present their latest products, innovations and solutions to the professionals, including the contractors, wholesalers, dealers, architects, etc.
Make plans now to attend or exhibit at the big show. Don't miss this precious opportunity to learn, to show, to communicate, and to help move your business ahead of the rest. Register today!!!

Build+Decor 2015 would feature the largest array of product displays and demonstrations, professional development courses, keynote speeches, interactive roundtable sessions. Symposia& Seminars on concerned issues, communications and trade promotion would be arranged to improve the sound development of build and decoration industry. Business Negotiations between strong purchasing communities, composed of dealers & distributors, designers, decoration companies, contractors and architects, and exhibitors would also be put on schedule.

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
China Building Decoration Association
China International Exhibition Center Group
China B & D Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Contact us  China B & D Exhibition Co., Ltd Tel:+86 10 8460 6672 Fax:+86 10 8460 6597
Add: Room 388, 4/F, Hall 1, China International Exhibition Center, No 6 East Beisanhuan Road


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